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      Welcome to the National House of Prayer
      Activating strategic prayer for nada and its leaders.
      nopy of prayer

      ทดลองใช้ฟรี พนัน ออนไลน์ เครดิต ฟรี

      • Watch The Return – Led by First People’s of nada.

        Watch The Return – Led by First People’s of nada.

        Watch both the Father’s Day and the National Indigenous People‚Äôs Day events. Both videos produced by TheCry Movement.
      • Prayer for nada and Government

        Prayer for nada and Government

        Transcribed from National Prayer Breakfast 2021 As read by MP Nelly Shin Father God in heaven, ? We ll on you today as the Sovereign God. You know the end from the beginning. You allow powers and authorities to rise and fall according to your purpose, and reveal your glory in mysterious ways. You are […]

      Prayer Points

      • 2021 Federal Election and nopy of Prayer

        2021 Federal Election and nopy of Prayer

        Update – September 3, 2021 Chapter five of Rob Parker’s book, ‘We have a Voice, “One-issue voting.” ? “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” Proverbs 14:3,4 Pray for strategic inroads where Christians n bring the influence of the Gospel into all sectors of our society. Pray that intercession would […]
      • Pray for Afghanistan

        Pray for Afghanistan

        Update – September 1, 2021 ? Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau confirmed Tuesday that about 1,250 nadian citizens, permanent residents and their family members were left behind in Afghanistan. ? While it may seem like a desolate position in Afghanistan, as Christians, our confidence is in our God. Jesus me to set us free. He […]
      • Fires and Drought

        Fires and Drought

        Government at every level in a number of provinces are faced with disasters beyond their control. There has been such a heavy strain on human and financial resources. There has been much prayer for rain and a change in the weather over British Columbia and thankfully, there has been some signifint relief over the past […]
      • House Stands Adjourned until September 20th, 2021

        House Stands Adjourned until September 20th, 2021

        The House of Commons rose for a 2-month break on Wednesday. Five bills were passed this week which have now moved to the Senate. Bills C-10 and C-6 are two of these that are now in the Upper Chamber. The other bills are the budget Bill C-30, the climate Bills C-12 and C-206. ? It […]